Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
Upon setting up any direct debits through our GoCardless system you are consenting to sign our terms of engagement set out below.
The scope of work agreed by yourself is covered within our fee quote which at this point you are aware of and by setting up the direct debit agree to.
Our services are done to the best of our ability. We offer up to 3 revisions of the changes before having to re-quote for further services.

You will grant us the right to use your name and branding when creating marketing materials, electronic or written.
We can confirm that all data will be kept securely and upon termination will be deleted from our systems.

Term and Termination
This agreement will commence upon the date you set up the direct debit and shall continue for the number of months in which you payment plan states.
If you wish to terminate the agreement you may do so by giving us 48 hours’ notice upon any task set. You will be liable to pay for any services up to that point which we have already performed.

If at any point you cancel the direct debit  without notice you will be liable to pay the remainder of costs within 48 hours, unless communications regarding the direct debit have been reviewed and amended beforehand. If payments are unsuccessful within the 48 hours we pass on the case to our collection agency who then charge late payment fees or depending on the nature of the case we will seek further help.