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Go beyond accounting 

The same is true for cloud accounting. You have your core accounting packages which handle your bank reconciliation and debits and credits. But there is a next level of functionality available through additional apps.
If you think about the way your mobile phone works, its core functions are to make calls and text messages. But nowadays you can do so much more when using apps, you can buy a house, book a holiday or even watch live sports.


For automated bookkeeping and data entry

Your go to app for purchase invoice processing.

Don’t waste hours typing up invoices, when they can be scanned, snapped, emailed in or even sent digitally directly from supplier using fetch technology.


Cashflow forecasts produced in minutes 

Makes managing cashflow so much simpler.  You don’t need to use excel for this anymore!

Uses AI to predict cash receipts and spending based on historic information rather than simply using due dates.

Connects to xero to bring in real data, removing the need to update spreadsheets time and time again.

You’ll get a 3 month rolling cash flow free as a valued Breeze client.


This is one of the things
we do best 

Will give you great business insights in the form of a live feed.
Flow runs over your invoices, bills, customers and suppliers to predict payments, assess your risk & dependency and rank them.

What’s hiding in your data that will make your business better today?
You’ll receive this insight fee for free as a Breeze client.


Your invoices paid on time, in less time

Chaser provides the tools to effectively automate chasing customers to pay their invoices, without loosing the human touch. 
It gives you thre insights to decide which customers to grant credit to and how best to chase your customers to pay their invoices. 


Take payments quickly and easily 

Award winning point of sale and card reader. There’s no need for a cluncky old cash register, it’s esasy for both you and your customers to take payments quickly and smoothly.


Powerfully simple financial reporting and analysis 

Turn your accounting data into accounting intelligence. Create custom metrics and insights to help you make informed decision making. 


Smarter business finance

faster, fairer access to funding and insurance.


Unlock the potential of your business today